RESTUBE Southern Africa is an online distribution channel for RESTUBE Germany. It the exclusive dealer of RESTUBE products in Southern Africa

restube_swim_seb_black-blue-mit-bojeRESTUBE classic petrol blue package+content

RESTUBE is a top quality safety device made of top quality materials and design for active water sport person. It sports various products from the lightest elegant swim product to Kitesurfing and Kayaking devices. The product is a cased in a a small and light pouch strapped around your waist. It has a small gas canister that allow you to pull a linked string and inflate it in a second. It also useful for visibility and assistance to other people in the water who requires help. 
Everyone who loves te freedom of the open water or desire the freedom of the open water – must have one.

Freedom is SAFTEY in the water.              RESTUBE Germany Home