RESTUBE UNIT  R1200.00 [inclusive of Vat]

  • If you live in Cape Town please email to arrange unit pick up
  • If you wish to receive PostNet delivery – please send your full delivery address and add R99.00 for shipping fees.

To Order please EFT to:

Restube, Investec Bank, Acc no. 10011496447, Branch 580105

Please send proof of payment and shipping address including contact number to:

CALL :  SAM at 072-171-8400

* The gas canister displayed are not included and cant be shipped in airmail.

* Replacement gas canister can be purchased in cycling shop 16gr.

* Replacement Canister which are not Restube originals, can get eroded with time  with extended exposure to salt water.

restube_swim_seb_black-blue-mit-boje       Restube - RESTUBE classic petrol blue package+content


Restube - Classic_coral_red_HÅfte_3Restube - cartdrige-